Monday, August 28, 2017

Giving in to the never happies

To give in to the never happies is not good for them , or the wider family 

Whether it’s the LG’s , the Aborigines, the Muslims or the Christians,  it’s never right to give in to the never happies. The more they push and are encouraged to push ( esp with why not questions) , the more they will keep pushing;   if it’s not more territory then more recognition ; if not LG then LGBTI and then what lGBTIPA  ?
So,  in the context here of the same sex marriage debate in Australia September 2017 -October 2017

To give in to such pressure is wrong
1. It distorts the balance in the family
2. It’s a sign of weakness in the leaders
3. Not everything wise comes down to a simple form of logic so we shouldn’t spend all day being Greek ( thesis – antithesis) in the hope the truth will magically turn up ( scientism ) or our parents or leaders give up.
4. It devalues the value of experience and wisdom in the leaders .It devalues their authority
5. It’s not good for balanced resource use in the family:   the experimenters use up the saved or always limited resources. Civil marriage agreements lose their needed financial and boundary focus on the risks couples take on with the adventure of an unknown batch of children.They and us working hard to provide for them
6. It doesn’t breed resiliency . Resilience comes with sound push back based on real boundaries real limits and real wisdom. The public purse cannot fund all these whims .
7. It doesn’t teach respect, Self acceptance is the first thing in the respect giving game . Jesus words. Luke 10:25-29 We are all best  to learn to live with the limitations( and opportunities )of  our uniqueness. To do so is to grow up mature and develop our unique gifts.
8. Its only likely to be good for the pushers if the mature family members agree to do it without pressure ,( NOT “you have 1 month to decide” )
9. With all their wealth, press , noise and now the law behind them , why would the pushers not push harder ?

Say no like you are a mature adult who will not be pushed around.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My truth is my truth

A generation who poo pooed the idea of faith are living with the consequences of their denial . The post christian West has wussed out to its new faith in relativism. Its not generous to pretend we don't have genuine differences in how we approach moral choices - its plain simple and stupid. A denail of the rights of parenthood and authority in ecomia .Its dangerous stupid and unnatural not to resist the lizard brain,  but many nature worshipers do - Self control has become a dirty word ;  when it is a solution to nanny state nonsense.

Many say they can't understand why the western world is such a mess,  saying " they don't understand what;s happening ". Those who say that are just not looking broadly enough .

The Oxford dictionaries word of the year is post-truth for good reason . How you feel is more important  than what we think we /you need -the truth .
You the individual become the focus.
Parents have become panderers ,
Parliament a  place where children are allowed to run the Senate .
Public life --The end justifies the means and protest the right of anyone who grumbles - what a noise!

We used to drum this natural emotional driver into line when we were young. Now we have mature people behaving like children,  they do it in parliament and now on it . If they don't get a job as a CEO they try getting one as a wannabe . Look at me . Not happy jan  Who cares what the issue is . - Its me its me oh Lord .

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Chesterton tried to remind his generation nearly 100 years ago that they had a too simple idea of democracy .
As Hegel too might have reminded aour inexeprienced genartion . It not about quantity but quality . The floor of parliament reminds each generation .
In one month of our history we have Brexit Trump and a Circus of  a senate to tremind us that 50% means nothing . How did we get here ?
Chesterton too reminds us of the limited vision of the pedant and the total distractedness of those who think themselves" progressive . " ( His vision cuts across the dumb stupidity on this in ALL parties where they breed because the people want hope - partly cause they have none to build on !
Whitehead , the great scientist and Ellul the great sociologist reminds us of the danger of thinking we are doing science when we are just painting  cause over our correlations ( As much earlier books do also)

This revelation from the progressives  ( that heaven will come with a 50% majority ) may explain why the reactionary left  invent rebel parties to shoulder up their numbers  and why they only have 2 children ..  
The Liberal right in Australia 2016  have to win on the basis of logic and their own cooperative numbers.   Their union is a real marriage

Sunday, June 19, 2016

greens at the dinner table

Many city cousins have got no idea why we ARE in "no talk "or even in a killing mood ( yes its very real out here !!!) when the discussion comes around to conservation .
We love the kids love for animals and for a better world order ( Farmers are the most screwed Liberals in the party) We would rather 20 cows than 200 to do obstetrics on late at night,, in this weather .But we know change is not easy and we do our best to care for our patch ,

It's great having the well intentioned passionate kids  at the table ( because we are interested in ALL who live on the land - that's why we all nearly have native veg patches on them ) provided the kids join in and converse about cutting edge conservation.

Please go and get your degrees in science and then come back and talk to us

"The Greens "don't really wanna be part of the family  They are a party just like any other
yet they are expected to do well THIS ELECTION by talking up all the things that are uncaring in our society.    The simple could just follow them down the simple track they set .

The Greens just wanna  tell us what to do.      

They fill our Shires up with fly in fly out experts who know nothing but bible class conservation. They read the book out to you when they come . Not news --not complex
The reality is they don't wanna do cooperation,( look at the Senate focus) They believe in their own power to change the world by themselves and with their own gurus and tax plans ( most of which as Churchill might have reminded them ) "have been tried and failed"
Another 3 years of their stalling and it will still be some sort of tax "those stupids and the greedies over there" plan . Education isn't on the agenda presumably because they think
 WE have the afore  problem.

My people are dying because nothing hurts MORE  than misunderstanding and careless criticism ,Greens are fullavit .
Nothing hurts more than woosy leaders who give into the kids  The people seem ready to do more of that .

The job is hard mate and we must do it together . Please don't vote for the Party that wants power more than they want understanding and responsibility .

Make July 2 Independents day  
Madigan Muir whom ever .........but not the noisy children

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Freedom within boundaries training

 Don't blame the children for hurting themselves  if all your faiths doctrine  was " do what you like kiddo"

Posted by Prima COOL on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Males abdicate from the Matriarchy in Schools and Homes

The last thing our liberal left women want to hear is that their  efforts to deal with the excesses of patriarchal leadership have been simply ineffective .Time to stop and rethink - there is no other way forward but to look back at where we went wrong and why.

The feigning femmes have got their way BUT have mistargeted the problem - it wasn't men after all, but  just some men , And not just men - anyone who takes authority can misuse it . Mistaken target --mistaken problem solving,
Pity most of these reactionary women never read the story of the Courageous Queen Esther - things have been worse for women outside the West and still are . XX are mistaken to think like weak blinkered determinists that they were born to nurture when  men know the outside world and must have a role,  as both do,   in hardening up the full picture for their kids .

MANY MANY  Males can't cope with women who insist in the simple nonsense that male leadership is by nature objectionable or so simple that "no one" should lead ( have final responsibility ) in a household . Women take CEO roles but don't see the hypocrisy at home .
 Most women seem to want ( at certain times and quite rightly so as the cartoon suggests ) men to take  leadership roles at home -- Which is to be girls cummon -- were leaving if you can't make up your mind !
Sound settled choice - we know the dilemma for both leaders - the BOYS usually need a kick up the arse to be leaders  so get real girls and give them leadership  even if its it NAME only , The deep paradox of a good marriage

Why would men want to look after the children when women insist in holding the trump card   -dummies . "You seem to think you know best " we men have heard it all before ."It is in your nature as nurturer to know best what kids need " you imply! But thats not right - I work ion the real world or can see it better than you at this moment !

The view of the household discipline teaching things in XX dominant household is too simple and dangerous and it starts from age 1 . In a family and in a school , there are mature and immature adults and   training and discipline needing to be modeled by BOTH and MORE  .

The bottom line is that despite many great teachers in our schools,  they can't change the " do what you like kiddo " stuff they learn with their parents in first 5 years .....easily.  
Teachers do a great job but we the public should understand FIRST why its so hard and been so hard for several decades now when naturally Johnny is seen to be best adapted by being free to do whatever he likes . God help us and save us from such naturalistic crap .  

I pity any teacher (XX or XY )  trying to wean kids off their mothers ideas of " getting what you want " to the now mostly unknown territory of :" doing what I say in class "   Have you been their lately you media chatterers ??????  " Spend more money on it -education " I  hear that dumb Shorten say . Money is not the issue ; I don't expect the Libs to get,   but Labor doesn't even get it .

Delusional ideas of the grand god of democracy - I vote 1 vaue charms the miracle out of the mire -- i don't believe in Labors religion . I mean---Don't have more than 2 children in a  room and you can , under their equally dumb approach to democracy ( numbers are right ( >50% rather than the" every view view" ), get done .
And the wannabes wonder why men get angry about how the women looks after the children and vice versa . Why men leave the families they had great hopes for leading ----- once  

Meanwhile young western women choose to be come radicalised back into a view which at  the very least MORE honestly recognises the natural role of the roaming outside real world partner in a relationship .
I don't agree that Islam provides necessarily the best known view of shared leadership , but that the view of the secularized west's view is being rejected by its own children .

Western girls don't want the arrogant isolationist and unnatural attitudes of their mothers -- the career might suit you mum but I want children and your ideas  don't work,   You don't build the idea of real respect ( just "your rights"  talk ) and no amount of fanatical defence will deny the divorces and domestic violence generated by not being able to talk about the diverse requirements of having two  leaders and a right of veto of one in the household .

Monday, May 19, 2014

Inciting Anger -Short sighted Shorten

If Labor wasn't in such a mess its leader would know that talking angry is NOT the job of a leader UNLESS its adult anger and has some basis other than the new leader keeping his promise to the people ( Getting the budgetback into the Black) . Someone could get hurt with all this anger over tough parental discipline . Shorten seems like the sort of household leader who just gives in .
A bigger leader would know not to listen to the children , A bigger and wiser leader would be more careful knowing his laughing doesn't overcome the problems of his teams poor budget control . The kids don't feel like we are in a recession - so what ! feelings are fickle . Lucky life in the real world is not about feelings . Ask the kids why all there education years can't get them the ability to buy a house and raise a family ( a former Labor objective )  The sometimes interesting

The Project ( "FRIENDS" at news time and about as sustainable ) is also afraid to state the obvious ( apart from Steve);that this careless action was rent a crowd and rent a reporter ( i am switching off the TV like never before ) The careless thought from one presenter that everything on their show is a joke was more than half true . Its worse ---its sometimes a kids party where friends never dare disagree with each other - the real issues left to rot as incomplete endings . Someone rented a crowd and the reporters never noticed !

Someone got angry and the older children didn't even say ( steve the exception ) " nothing is achieved unless you calm down and make the argumant rational and not personal.
According to reporters Tony Abbott is the most hated liar ever ( imagine making this claim again !)
More seriously, legitimizing anger creates even greater risk of greater real crimes and avoidable tragic actions.

ONLY a really desperate crowd of childlike complaint makes it personal and the dummies in reporter land don't even have the backbone to suggest so !