Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My truth is my truth

A generation who poo pooed the idea of faith are living with the consequences of their denial . The post christian West has wussed out to its new faith in relativism. Its not generous to pretend we don't have genuine differences in how we approach moral choices - its plain simple and stupid. A denail of the rights of parenthood and authority in ecomia .Its dangerous stupid and unnatural not to resist the lizard brain,  but many nature worshipers do - Self control has become a dirty word ;  when it is a solution to nanny state nonsense.

Many say they can't understand why the western world is such a mess,  saying " they don't understand what;s happening ". Those who say that are just not looking broadly enough .

The Oxford dictionaries word of the year is post-truth for good reason . How you feel is more important  than what we think we /you need -the truth .
You the individual become the focus.
Parents have become panderers ,
Parliament a  place where children are allowed to run the Senate .
Public life --The end justifies the means and protest the right of anyone who grumbles - what a noise!

We used to drum this natural emotional driver into line when we were young. Now we have mature people behaving like children,  they do it in parliament and now on it . If they don't get a job as a CEO they try getting one as a wannabe . Look at me . Not happy jan  Who cares what the issue is . - Its me its me oh Lord .

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