Sunday, July 3, 2016


Chesterton tried to remind his generation nearly 100 years ago that they had a too simple idea of democracy .
As Hegel too might have reminded aour inexeprienced genartion . It not about quantity but quality . The floor of parliament reminds each generation .
In one month of our history we have Brexit Trump and a Circus of  a senate to tremind us that 50% means nothing . How did we get here ?
Chesterton too reminds us of the limited vision of the pedant and the total distractedness of those who think themselves" progressive . " ( His vision cuts across the dumb stupidity on this in ALL parties where they breed because the people want hope - partly cause they have none to build on !
Whitehead , the great scientist and Ellul the great sociologist reminds us of the danger of thinking we are doing science when we are just painting  cause over our correlations ( As much earlier books do also)

This revelation from the progressives  ( that heaven will come with a 50% majority ) may explain why the reactionary left  invent rebel parties to shoulder up their numbers  and why they only have 2 children ..  
The Liberal right in Australia 2016  have to win on the basis of logic and their own cooperative numbers.   Their union is a real marriage

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