Sunday, June 19, 2016

greens at the dinner table

Many city cousins have got no idea why we ARE in "no talk "or even in a killing mood ( yes its very real out here !!!) when the discussion comes around to conservation .
We love the kids love for animals and for a better world order ( Farmers are the most screwed Liberals in the party) We would rather 20 cows than 200 to do obstetrics on late at night,, in this weather .But we know change is not easy and we do our best to care for our patch ,

It's great having the well intentioned passionate kids  at the table ( because we are interested in ALL who live on the land - that's why we all nearly have native veg patches on them ) provided the kids join in and converse about cutting edge conservation.

Please go and get your degrees in science and then come back and talk to us

"The Greens "don't really wanna be part of the family  They are a party just like any other
yet they are expected to do well THIS ELECTION by talking up all the things that are uncaring in our society.    The simple could just follow them down the simple track they set .

The Greens just wanna  tell us what to do.      

They fill our Shires up with fly in fly out experts who know nothing but bible class conservation. They read the book out to you when they come . Not news --not complex
The reality is they don't wanna do cooperation,( look at the Senate focus) They believe in their own power to change the world by themselves and with their own gurus and tax plans ( most of which as Churchill might have reminded them ) "have been tried and failed"
Another 3 years of their stalling and it will still be some sort of tax "those stupids and the greedies over there" plan . Education isn't on the agenda presumably because they think
 WE have the afore  problem.

My people are dying because nothing hurts MORE  than misunderstanding and careless criticism ,Greens are fullavit .
Nothing hurts more than woosy leaders who give into the kids  The people seem ready to do more of that .

The job is hard mate and we must do it together . Please don't vote for the Party that wants power more than they want understanding and responsibility .

Make July 2 Independents day  
Madigan Muir whom ever .........but not the noisy children

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