Monday, August 28, 2017

Giving in to the never happies

To give in to the never happies is not good for them , or the wider family 

Whether it’s the LG’s , the Aborigines, the Muslims or the Christians,  it’s never right to give in to the never happies. The more they push and are encouraged to push ( esp with why not questions) , the more they will keep pushing;   if it’s not more territory then more recognition ; if not LG then LGBTI and then what lGBTIPA  ?
So,  in the context here of the same sex marriage debate in Australia September 2017 -October 2017

To give in to such pressure is wrong
1. It distorts the balance in the family
2. It’s a sign of weakness in the leaders
3. Not everything wise comes down to a simple form of logic so we shouldn’t spend all day being Greek ( thesis – antithesis) in the hope the truth will magically turn up ( scientism ) or our parents or leaders give up.
4. It devalues the value of experience and wisdom in the leaders .It devalues their authority
5. It’s not good for balanced resource use in the family:   the experimenters use up the saved or always limited resources. Civil marriage agreements lose their needed financial and boundary focus on the risks couples take on with the adventure of an unknown batch of children.They and us working hard to provide for them
6. It doesn’t breed resiliency . Resilience comes with sound push back based on real boundaries real limits and real wisdom. The public purse cannot fund all these whims .
7. It doesn’t teach respect, Self acceptance is the first thing in the respect giving game . Jesus words. Luke 10:25-29 We are all best  to learn to live with the limitations( and opportunities )of  our uniqueness. To do so is to grow up mature and develop our unique gifts.
8. Its only likely to be good for the pushers if the mature family members agree to do it without pressure ,( NOT “you have 1 month to decide” )
9. With all their wealth, press , noise and now the law behind them , why would the pushers not push harder ?

Say no like you are a mature adult who will not be pushed around.

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  1. I thought resilience was a fallback not a pushback.

    Otherwise, great stuff!

    "1 month to decide" is probably too short.