Monday, May 19, 2014

Inciting Anger -Short sighted Shorten

If Labor wasn't in such a mess its leader would know that talking angry is NOT the job of a leader UNLESS its adult anger and has some basis other than the new leader keeping his promise to the people ( Getting the budgetback into the Black) . Someone could get hurt with all this anger over tough parental discipline . Shorten seems like the sort of household leader who just gives in .
A bigger leader would know not to listen to the children , A bigger and wiser leader would be more careful knowing his laughing doesn't overcome the problems of his teams poor budget control . The kids don't feel like we are in a recession - so what ! feelings are fickle . Lucky life in the real world is not about feelings . Ask the kids why all there education years can't get them the ability to buy a house and raise a family ( a former Labor objective )  The sometimes interesting

The Project ( "FRIENDS" at news time and about as sustainable ) is also afraid to state the obvious ( apart from Steve);that this careless action was rent a crowd and rent a reporter ( i am switching off the TV like never before ) The careless thought from one presenter that everything on their show is a joke was more than half true . Its worse ---its sometimes a kids party where friends never dare disagree with each other - the real issues left to rot as incomplete endings . Someone rented a crowd and the reporters never noticed !

Someone got angry and the older children didn't even say ( steve the exception ) " nothing is achieved unless you calm down and make the argumant rational and not personal.
According to reporters Tony Abbott is the most hated liar ever ( imagine making this claim again !)
More seriously, legitimizing anger creates even greater risk of greater real crimes and avoidable tragic actions.

ONLY a really desperate crowd of childlike complaint makes it personal and the dummies in reporter land don't even have the backbone to suggest so !


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