Monday, August 5, 2013

Little kids at the wheel

 "There are times to focus on the brake - this moment is one of them

ITS not our car we /the people are worried about 
- your brake 
 the car YOU  have driving and 
-the dumb best intentions you don't look into 
- the dumb sales jobs you fall for 
- the cul desacs you end up because you don't read the instructions 
-the reckless way you drive it 
-the need to read signs 
- the accelerator you have been pushing
- the fuel gauge you think means you can drive it into the ground ( your pathetic and childish game of a race to the bottom ) 
- your dumb exploitation of what your fathers gave you 

Posted After Doug Camerons predictable bookeeeping ignorance and arrogance on Qanda ABCTV 

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