Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saying No

Julia Gillard is today trying to say No;;  but it comes after years of providing succor to the noisy and immature in her hearing .
Mother Julia should not try to take all the calls. The problem then for Father Abbott and Father Napthine Like Father Balllieuu is the tough ask of saying no to some  of the noise .
But which noise - some distant noise about slavery today or soem close loud noise that noone wants to talk about ?

In Victoria this week we have leadership from wonderful Western District ? This may mean we  have we have much to offer OR that we don't quite know what we have been offered .My guess - bit of both! We know what a fair go mate really means 
Well either way we have the job,  so here are some suggestions. We have had the bulldozer  and  we all know out here  that bulldozer drivers are still in there in the big smoke; PLUS we know that such singleminded dummies have no idea about the sensitive matters of household .
Maybe the tractor is a better analogy Denis and Tony  - It ploughs the ground to show up the weeds.
Maybe if you asked us, you might learn something ?

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