Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Fabianism or more Fanaticism?

The kids of today will reject the woosy weakness of the 60's generation because its in their nature to do so. The only hope of reform ( taking what's good forward ) is if the currently powerful admit to their mistaken reactionary  adventures.
Institutional adherents to an established philosophy often forget the creative tension that caused a movement in the first place - this is particularly true of the children of the 60 ' who think good things flow out of being adaptable and waiting for good to prevail . Most new movements are highly reactionary in origin.    Cultured in cotton wool , Fabianism is a child  and will give in to pressure , as it has done throughout its  history; it will give in to pressure because the woosy ( if perfectly democratic) household  is its theme . More than 2 children in your house,  and the adults don't matter. Tradition provides no tension for the ravages of blind self will and optimism of youth . Fabianism is doing what its always done because its weak  - its giving in to fanaticism.
Bertrand Russell, Chesterton and Orwell could see this  because they were closer to why government worked in the West - Fabians just took it for granted that government worked. .For the radical thinkers  the price of freedom  was never the cooercion of power  but the coercion of ideas - eternal vigilance .Men weren't to be trusted and neither were the institutions of power .  The Fabians faith in the public and the public service is unreasonable and unreliable - change is fine as long as its actually for the better. Shaw's support for the Russian revolution was blinkered stupidity cultivated by popular reactionaries parties . The faith of our forefathers was that the greatest evil was actually done in the name of the best intention:  the intention of giving children in a household  their freedom to rule equally was the biggest act of indiscipline ever possible in a household .  Animal farm advocates are still everywhere - why is this?
Since the West has thrown off the idea that freedom is a state of mind ( Thinkhebrew ) all we have is any number of advocates of animal farm .
Labor leader know the children are in charge  but they don't know what to do about it:  but neither do the Libs or even the IPA ( complete free trade is not economic freedom unless we want the culture of all countries to be the same ) If freedom is to mean something its gotta be more that the press releases of the powerful
Theabove 4 groups  all talk in grand terms of the need for cultural change -but can only talk simplicities when it comes to actions . God help us if Labor think they can master such things with their ads and their educational revolution . To understand why the price of freedom is eternal vigilance you have to be a lot more radical and a lot less reactionary than most parties in our country today .

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