Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drunk dumb and racist

Joe Hilderbrand's report on the ABC was a welcome and open one . While the whole idea is to exaggerate the problem by using that title ,  the mature and sensible Indians (who can see oursleves as we can't ) weren't to be convinced that we were OK .
We are in trouble even if it doesn't come back to the 3 symbols;  The observers said so in so many ways
They wouldn't join us . And it wouldn't matter which foreigners were chosen .
We are a society in self destruct mode and  without a word to keep order on the streets .
Twenty years ago the ABC journo would be " wanting to do something about it " But we are too accommodating and placid now -- now too far "East"
So despite the tragedy in human indignity  we accept that  instead of substance its OK  to fill the void between young adults with alcohol. . Instead of minds engaging,  minds must go bashing themselves needlessly on the concrete .Anyone would think we were ...well stupid 

The West's failure to act like the West builds contempt for us by outsiders. Its not that Islam is strong,  but that adults in the West are so weak and woosy. Reactionaries at the ABC have been in their jobs long enough to know that celebrating the best of the past is not something you do to keep a job there . 

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