Sunday, August 18, 2013

Someone has to play hardline

Told the story of Labors incompetence in investing in the education revolution in our town.  Got little respectful response from a largely city crowd . We had no choice about getting a " new sec school"; we were part of an experiment . A city based experiment that caused us to lose most of our best teachers and kids to other towns and schools . an experiment that leaves us with 2 unused facilities that could be used by us but that may well be bulldozed and sold to pay for the experimenters failures. 

Millions of dollars of public money wasted, and who will pay for all the broken windows in buildings we once used , now.  We are clearly at risk even now of losing this great opportunity to KEEP the existing capital and cultural assets of our town - let alone build on them . 

Labor is teaching our children, if it isn't working, bulldoze it ;  sell the family assets to pay for your mistakes;  if its stops working, buy a new one; The bank account has money in it , spend it .

Its not clever ; its childish cloning ---market cloning "being a good consumer ". if that means anything but that we are living on the never never . 

We are only ever complete when we encourage each other to be a productive people!  Lets say so clearly at this election 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Little kids at the wheel

 "There are times to focus on the brake - this moment is one of them

ITS not our car we /the people are worried about 
- your brake 
 the car YOU  have driving and 
-the dumb best intentions you don't look into 
- the dumb sales jobs you fall for 
- the cul desacs you end up because you don't read the instructions 
-the reckless way you drive it 
-the need to read signs 
- the accelerator you have been pushing
- the fuel gauge you think means you can drive it into the ground ( your pathetic and childish game of a race to the bottom ) 
- your dumb exploitation of what your fathers gave you 

Posted After Doug Camerons predictable bookeeeping ignorance and arrogance on Qanda ABCTV