Monday, August 13, 2012

Woosy Green stuff

Oh dear . Christine Milne thinks the risk is that the plight of refugees will be ignored ;  that  the issue with the majority of Australians is they don't/won't  care enough ( Her response to the refugee drowning s recommendations ) . Apparently according to her , the risk is that we aren't being kind enough.  
I am sure thinking and non thinking Australians have had enough of this woosy weak, unjustifiable  and pathetic talk .Talk tough and talk kind,  but not tears only please.
Have the greens not heard?  - you "have to be cruel to be kind"  .
Any suggestion that the other parties are not caring enough is an insult to most Australians who have a more realistic view of the sound tensions in oikonomia than she seems to
No one wants the impractical  unworkable household leadership of the overly sentimental  Greens.

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