Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not safe to be in the public service

One day some smart Aussie journo will realize he /she can get their own scoop. Make their own aussie version of Yes Minister - not hard. As Andrew Bolt /Steve price said this morning noone can keep up with the nonsense.
When the children are in charge, sensible sound people in the public service can't cope ; they can't tell the truth ; the whole truth . The public service becomes a cancerous comfort zone for those seeking to shield themselves from accountability. Acres of yes men . So what would you do ? sack em all ? That doesn't work .
I would get a professional people agency to get PS to each jsutify HOW and why they are qualified for the job , be required to be recorded for their expenditures aagianst projects and for govt to develop professional review groups WITHIN the PS ( esp health and environment) based on mentors with trackj record of consistent effective work in the public interest.

Baillieu and ALL The new broom governments need to kick themselves hard - or they TOO will, like Kennett, get the KICK BACK. The point is Baillieu's CAN'T really WORK out WHAT TO DO unless the admit they need good advice .Stupidly, because they KNOW the problem they think they THINK they can find a solution that works. They have had a year - how are they going ?

The answer - get advice from elsewhere eg NET
All some journo/ sound poly has to is interview some FORMER Public servants who still care and have had to give up their careers because they cared to tell the truth.

But are they too busy thinking they too can change the world - on their very own !

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